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Eco Confetti

Eco Confetti

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Finally, a truly eco-friendly, dissolvable confetti solution for your wedding day!

Our biodegradable, rice-paper confetti is made out of 100% glutinous rice meaning it is water soluble and will dissolve with a quick hose of water.

This is ground-breaking for the wedding industry as most venues only allow natural confetti such as petals. But petals don’t float in the breeze like our confetti! If they accept petals, they should accept rice so make sure you let them know how natural it is.

Our confetti is extremely lightweight meaning it cascades beautifully so you can create the confetti wedding photos of your dreams.

We have also noticed many New Zealand events are leaving non-biodegradable confetti littering our streets and parks which is not good for our beautiful country. The hope is that these events will also adopt our natural, dissolvable confetti too!

Guests only need a very small amount each to create a beautiful floaty affect.

Confetti comes in 400g bags. and we will have confetti bundles launching soon (confetti + cones + trays to hold). 

400g is enough for a wedding of up to 120 people with the idea that a third to half the guests (closest to isle) will be throwing confetti. You only need a small amount per person for an incredible, floaty result! We suggest about a tablespoon per confetti cone.

Confetti is available wholesale if you are a wedding venue or bridal store who would like to stock Veils & More NZ Eco Confetti.

Pictured colours: White in the wedding with the brunette bride and Golden Hour in the wedding with the blonde bride (me!).


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